Leadics: Aiding Businesses in Making Smarter and Better Informed Decisions

CIO Vendor With rapid surge of data, organizations are struggling to make smarter business decisions. Further, the task of analysing and sharing insights in a timely fashion is impeded because relevant data often resides in multiple and stand-alone data sources such as: ERP, POS, CRM systems or even Excel or PPT files maintained at various department levels. The time it takes to assemble all critical data points restricts the organization’s ability to swiftly respond to critical issues regarding its customers, competitors, employees or operational performance.

Companies are making significant investments in BI & Advanced Analytics solutions to move away from traditional need based analytical approach to more predictive, data science-based approach. As we witness significant growth of BI applications across businesses, the real success will be defined not only by implementation of tools but more importantly by organizational ability to drive ground level engagement & adoption.

BI landscape in Indian market has multiple players with highly matured solutions that help organizations integrate, analyze and visualize data. But very few solutions allow organizations to go really beyond visualization. This is where Leadics’ platform LEAP comes into play, allowing organizations to not only visualize the performance but also learn intelligently from past data and generate real-time and actionable insights. Leadics is a Singapore based decision science firm that combines strong advisory and analytics capabilities with technology to deliver solutions that help clients make smarter fact-based business decisions.

“Our analytics platform, LEAP, seamlessly and safely integrates critical data sources required for visualizing and sharing across the organization. It allows for advanced data analytics powered by AI/ML, to find deeper insights in the organization’s data, and most importantly facilitates communication, action planning and collaboration when organizational performance hits a speed bump,” highlights Manoj, Head of Engineering (HoE), Leadics about their analytical platform which has been successfully bringing business improvements through better knowledge/insights, collaboration and faster decision cycles.
Offering Enterprise Grade Platform
At Leadics we believe data and people are two most valuable assets for one organization. LEAP is an enterprise grade platform that allows you to integrate thousands of data sets, cloud or on-premise, to drive intelligent and actionable insights for your teams within seconds. Since LEAP is built in the cloud, you get to scale faster with no constraints on back end infrastructure.

Our analytics platform, LEAP, seamlessly and safely integrates critical data sources required for visualizing and sharing across the organization

Besides data exploration and dashboarding, LEAP drives better decision making through customized alerts that notify you right away when KPIs miss the target or fall below threshold. The platform also allows you to overcome the team silos by sharing performance across teams and collaborating through effortless action planning & management module. The ability to easily handle user types and hierarchies across networked organizations is perfect for the situation where enterprises have to continuously deal with role and profile specific visualizations and need an integrated workflow engine to route actions and reminders to appropriate individuals for follow up.

LEAP leverages best of Cloud Security for datacenter, network and storage security. On the user side, it has 2 factor authentication, single sign on and unique user-based access along with encrypted session logins to ensure a more secure and streamlined application access.

Leadics also has a strong and experienced consulting team, which can efficiently help onboard organizations in a collaborative and cross-functional way through the change management process.

Speaking about how easily the platform could be leveraged by their clients, Sameer, Co-Founder, LEADICS, concludes, “LEAP enables continuous business improvement. More knowledge and insight available to all, more transparency, better collaboration and faster decision cycles.”