Dimentrix: Delivering User-Friendly and Customized Business Intelligence Solution

Shilpa Singh, CEO & Vikram Roopchand, CTO

An enormous amount of data from various sources is being generated by organizations on a day to day basis. When this data is converted into valuable information, it helps in making effective decisions. Hence, it is imperative for organizations to implement Business Intelligence solutions to help them analyze data and provide actionable insights. But unfortunately, not many organizations possess the internal BI expertise that helps in recognizing their BI challenges and leverage the BI solutions. Hence, they are looking for solution providers who would help them in solving this.

Catering to these needs, Pune based Dimentrix Technologies, with its Innovative Technology solution and advanced Business Intelligence platform – Deep Insight, partners with organizations to solve their BI challenges by providing customized BI solutions and also trains them on using these solutions.

DeepInsight is an innovative technology for building BIsolution that turns data into actionable insights. With this user friendly, advanced business intelligence and visualization platform, organizations can build advanced visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, collaborate with other users and publish visualizations across the globe. By seamlessly connecting to various data sources, this platform brings in data from diverse data sources such as relational and NoSQL databases, online storage services such as
Google drive, flat files such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, text files and JSON files.

“The DeepInsight platform is an intuitive product that can be used even by non-savvy users and can be configured easily,” affirms Shilpa Singh, CEO, Dimentrix Technologies.

Actionable Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Flexible Visualizations
The DeepInsight platform with its Actionable Intelligence and predictive analytics techniques and capabilities helps in quick analysis of data, uncover hidden patterns and insights. It identifies market trends and unknown correlations with its easy drag-and-drop interface. According to a recent research, businesses that use visual data discovery tools are twenty eight percent more likely to find relevant information sooner compared to those who rely on managed dashboards and reporting. Deep- Insight not only brings data to life with its seventeen chart types, but also creates geographical data visualizations. This platform lets you build dynamic and interactive dashboards effortlessly, which can be customized in real-time through its filters and drill down capabilities.

Data Visualization helps in bringing actionable insights to the surface and its tools enable users to interact with data. DeepInsight adds flexibility to visualization with parameters and also aids in creating on-the-fly calculated fields from its comprehensive set of pre-defined mathematical, string functions and logical operators. It enables organizations to track the performance against any target using the reference lines and also simplifies complex data using built-in aggregation functions. These visualizations can either be published outside the BI solution on any web-based platform or with user groups.

“This is just the beginning of our journey where we have launched the most feature rich product. We aim to collaborate with our clients to explore new horizons in software development solutions,” says, CTO Vikram Roopchand.