Aptagrim: Complementing BI with ML Algorithm

Sreegopal Mandapaka, CEO & Co-Founder

The organizations in the Indian business landscape, till date, have predominantly utilized business data for historical analysis alone, while there lays innumerable possibility of data analytics to completely revolutionize the organizational work structure. To catch up with the international counterparts, there is a need to go beyond legacy methodologies and harness the full potential of available data by implementing modern technologies. With the aim to bring about a change in the current state of affairs in the Indian BI market, Aptagrim, a data driven company is extending the capability of the regular BI solution by complementing it with ML algorithm. “Complementing BI with ML algorithm helps businesses to have future indicator as well,” says Sreegopal Mandapaka, CEO of the company. He adds that his clients get benefitted from ‘future indicators’ and are able to make more informed business decisions.

To achieve better business insights, it is imperative to gain a complete view of business processes, metrics and updates, all organized at one place available in real time across all devices. The company caters to this need in the form of Apta BI application. Being a Microsoft partner company, Aptagrim developed the application on Microsoft BI capabilities. The application has strong integration capabilities with organizational data; it processes it and provides front end visualization for client’s business data. The 360 degree visualization enables the management to study the nature of the issue to understand the larger picture. It drills down to the minute level of data and identifies the root cause of the business pain point and tells what needs to be optimized. This saves the management from investing its valuable time and resources on frequent issues; rather they
can easily understand the whole process and fix the problem at once. Also, the cloud based application can be integrated with any mobile device, tablet or desktop system.

Bolstering Healthcare System with BI capabilities
Realizing the dearth of data driven initiatives in the area of healthcare statistics, Aptagrim has put a major focus on healthcare sector. The company is to launch its BI solution Apta I for visually impaired people in India this year. It is leveraging ML technologies to build AI solutions for the blind with facial recognition, emotion and gender detection, text detection, and natural language capabilities aiding users in their native language. Further talking about the company’s other plans of implementing centrally monitored health care system, Jyothi says, “The idea is to devise a system where patients can get monitored online. Healthcare statistics can be monitored and transmitted by the patients to the healthcare centre without the need for travelling all the way.”

Jyothi Mangal, Co-Founder

Improving Recruitment Processes of Organizations
Applying the same concept in the human resources segment, the company has launched its product called Apta HR that works with BI and ML algorithms to improve the productivity of organizations, helping them engage right resources for the right role. The application has a code model to understand the job criteria and generates ML report comparing the candidate’s skills with the job’s requirement. It thus helps the company build the right team for the right role. Also, it helps the candidates understand their profile in terms of what the market is looking for.