DSquare Solutions: Effective Coalescing of Data Engineering and BI

Anand Srinivasan, CEO

Business intelligence market is evolving rapidly and thereare new trends shaping up, showing considerable promise for taking decision making process to the next level. Some of the major trends are master data management, data discovery and self-service BI. However, while every business is looking to leverage these advancements, they have to assess their business needs first. Large enterprises look for features like flexibility and self service in a BI solution while SMEs are cost conscious and are willing to compromise on flexibility if it brings down the cost of solution. Hence, MNCs and large industrial houses tend to go with global standard solutions, while SMEs are more inclined towards cost effectiveness and they prefer customized solutions.

In order to meet these requirements,SMEs are left with two options: implementing standalone BI software or roping in a BI service provider who has expertise in it. DSquare, based in Bangalore, provides them with a combination of these two and brings to the table an amalgam of data engineering coupled with BI solution.

“We do not sell software, we sell business solutions. We blend critical components of BI that include Data Engineering, Visual representation and Domain knowledge to deliver specific solutions tailored to our customers requirements. An equivalent way of looking at our approach is that we do not sell Excel, but a custom built solution that is built on Excel. We help our clients configure and put the solution together, which is strategically designed to meet their needs,” says Anand Srinivasan, CEO, DSquare.Attempting to support businesses, DSquare works backward. It identifies the business needs, crafts the BI and visualization solution that addresses that need, and engineers and structures the data to support those. To avoid issues of data mismanagement, the BI solution retains the data at the level of granularity as provided at source while also mitigating the issue of pre-determined aggregation of transactional data that is enforced in order to enhance performance.
This endows the business user with the flexibility to choose the level of detail that they wish to see as necessitated by the business need and not the whole array of data which can lead to mis representation and mismanagement.

"We blend critical components of BI that include Data Engineering, Visual representation and Domain knowledge to deliver specific solutions tailored to our customers requirements"

To do so, DSquare starts with the audits of systems and data available with each department. Data is then aligned with the classification as per departments to bring them all to a common understanding. DSquare’s BI solution enforces the discipline necessary to align various departments in terms of standardized measure definitions and hierarchical dimensions. In this attempt to reduce data mismanagement, along with BI solution, training the users is also another prerequisite which is addressed up front by involving them in the build-out of the solution from the start. That way, the end users become involved partners in the solution rollout, rather than final recipients for sign off.

DSquare’sengagement with the customer is continuous, where it works as an on-going partner in their analytical journey. With several successes already capped under two very distinct segments, SME and large corporates, DSquare strives to enhance the analytical methods into their existing business user base to drive better decisions by appreciating the flexibility and ease of rolling out BI solutions at a cost that is a fraction of the TCO of similar global solutions.

Moving ahead, DSquare plans to steer itself into developing a homegrown solution, leveraging cloud infrastructure to lower the costs and provide value propositions that are believed to be the most compelling to the SMEs.